Instagram (9/20-9/25)

Pictures: Studded flats from Torrid, Essie nailpolishes in 'A Crewed Interest' and 'Play Date', Iphone 4s, and Smashbox Halo Perfecting Powder in 'Medium'.



Can't Live Withouts

There are some products that a lot of us can't live without. Our HG's. These are mine. I love this products so much I wanted to tell you guys about it, no point in keeping great secrets to yourself, right?


WIG 101: Faux Bleaching Knots & Tweezing Hairline Tutorial

My hairline

 So the first thing I want to say is I am by no means a master at this. Almost everything I've learned I've gotten from the BHM Forum which is an incredibly rich resource for those wanting to know more about hair, natural, fake, bought, sewn in, permed....all hair.

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