Can't Live Withouts

There are some products that a lot of us can't live without. Our HG's. These are mine. I love this products so much I wanted to tell you guys about it, no point in keeping great secrets to yourself, right?

Okay. So this product has a lot of mixed reviews. Some people love it, others not so much. I am firmly in the camp of those who love it. This product is the closest thing I've ever gotten to getting runway flawless skin. Before I was using this I was jumping around from one MAC foundation to the next. And I might still wear my Studio Fix on days where nothing special is happening. But if I want to look GOOD, I wear this. It's perfect for my normal/dry skin as well.

Okay I have dry skin most of the time, and this stuff is fucking amazing. I always prefer a dewy look to my skin and this product delivers in spades. I just spray it on my skin after I powder my face (but before I put on my liner and mascara) and it just seems to make my skin look perfect.

My all time favorite smell ever. Ever. I just love the smell of spearmint. I've never been a fan of lavender or spices or anything else. I just love mint. My favorite perfume is Armani's Acqua de Gioia (for reference) which has mojito notes. I will never buy any other scent from B & B but this.

This lip balm is not only incredibly moisturizing (it has shea butter and green tea among other things) but it also has an SPF of 25, which is really amazing. This is my go to lip treatment before bed time. Use this every day and you'll never have to worry about chapped lips again.

Body Shop's Shea Butter Body Scrub & MAC Strobe Cream

ANOTHER shea butter product. This stuff not only mildly exfoliates your skin but leaves it SO. FREAKING. SOFT. Honestly I would pay double the twenty bucks for this product. And it smells really good too, earthy, but not cloyingly so.

MAC Strobe Cream ($15) - 
My new fav MAC product. Like I said before, I love dewy, glowing skin, and this product delivers it. You can apply it directly to your skin for more of a highlight but I mix it in with my foundation and apply all over my face. Not only does it stretch out my pricey HD makeup, but it makes my skin more moisturized and healthy-looking. LOVE.

I never really understood the hype on eyelash curlers. And then I bought this one. Wow. This really curls my lashes and gets my money's worth of lashes. The difference is really noticeable, and I get a result I never got with my $1 Elf eyelash curler.

BUY THIS NOW. If you use a liquid foundation, this is it. Holy hell. I used to use my mac 109 brush with my foundation (back when I used a cream foundation) and got decent results. Whoa mama! This gives me a completely streak-free application and it has never, ever shed. In fact, the only brushes I've ever had that are shed free are my Sephora Collection brushes. 
I really love red cherry lashes. They aren't the most natural looking (and what 2 dollar lash is?) but they are gorgeous on. I like the 49's because they are wispy-ish and dramatic. Love these with a smokey eye or natural makeup. Also at 2 bucks it is really cost affordable.


  1. i've heard sooo much about the sephora brushes and i had no clue which one to get into first. i'll have to look into this one! i love silver handles on brushes! lol

  2. I loooove them. I have this one and I also have the airbrush concealer brush. I am truly amazed that they have never shed on me, whereas my mac powder brushes shed EVERY. DAY.


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