Kim Kardashian RPGShow Csls003 Review!

Video Review:

I've been wanting hair like Kim K's for so long I'd pretty much had given up hope. I mean don't get me wrong, she's not an idol of mine but you can't deny she has a signature hairstyle that definitely works for, and now I gots it honey! Jet black, 20 inches, and all mine! Haha! Seriously though I really do love this hair. It's silky straight, curls very easily, and is incredibly simple to wear (no glue needed!). I've never been a fan of leaving wigs on for days/weeks (!) at a time, so I love that this unit has combs and an adjustable band so I can feel secure in it and can take it off every night.

It's a color 1, go big or go home, right? I was really kind of scared what it would look like on me, but since my own natural hair color is now a 1 (used to be a 4) it works out right. Plus I think I just feel sexier with jet black hair as opposed to off black. 

Bottom Line:
I freaking love this hair. The only small thing I would change on this unit is make the middle comb in the back, just for extra security, but that is a really minor thing. Shipping was fast, as with all stock units, and I've never had an issue with RPG's customer service, before or after I started reviewing their wigs. Honestly, this is a really cute unit for Fall/Winter.

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  1. Looks good on you! I ordered the Kim K wavy and wasn't pleased at all! I got a cap size 1 and it slips right off my head! I had already cut the lace off so unfortunately for me I'm stuck with a $369.99 unit that I can't wear!


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