DiorSkin Airflash Airbrush Foundation Review Video + Pics!

Gosh I am so hella late with this review. After eyeing this foundation for what seems like months I finally broke down and bought it in November. I'll just get right down to it...

  1. Incredibly easy to apply. Seriously. The whole thing takes 60 seconds.
  2. The finish. It's a really decent finish, but you can probably get a better overall finish with your liquid foundation.

  1. Price. Let's not tip toe around the fact this baby is PRICEY. I knew after the first use I wasen't going to be repurchasing, but I suppose if you are a novice to makeup and have the funds, there are worse products out there you can buy.
  2. Amount. I really only got about 6 or 7 uses out of this can, that comes out to be about $10 per application. Are. You. Serious? There really isn't enough in this can to warrant the price.
  3. Color availability. There is no way in hell an entire species of humans can fit in the 7 colors available. While I give Dior props for coming out with new colors for deeper skin tones (Take note, Chanel), there will be a number of people who won't fit the mold.

Overall I give this product a B-. It's a nice thing to have around for a special occasion or when you are running late, but it is totally not going to replace your current fave foundation. Sorry folks.



  1. wonderful demo!!! what hair are you wearing and did you have to layer it yourself?

  2. It's actually two wigs that I sewed together, and yes I did layer it myself :)

    1. Girl, when I can't find a price on the website you know its expensive

  3. I'm loving your blog! Adding you to the blog roll ASAP!

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  5. I absolutely LOVE your lipstick and shadow! Wow! What color, gorgeous on you!

  6. why are your lips so weird ?its kinda scary


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