Vanessa "Las Mogan" Half Wig Review! Total Winner.


Video Review:

Written Review:
I purchased this from NYHAIRMALL for $24.99. I LOVE THIS HAIR. It is incredibly full and wavy, and truly diva hair. If you have any problems being the center of attention, or being confused for a body double of Diana Ross, I would stay clear of this one. It's a half wig so I wear it behind my natural hairline. Time will tell how long this baby will hold up, but for now it is my most favorite hair. Yummo!

Grade: A


  1. Love this damn hair.. Imma big hair don't care enthusiast ,,LOVE IT babes


  2. I'm like about to order this today... well this weekend! I'm in love with it. I was trying to figure out something or a reasonable price and this is def the winner.

  3. Luv it...gerrrrcedes..did this hair hold up good..I luv this hair do!

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