Freetress Milly OP 27/30/613 Platinum Blond Review!

Okay, so the only two good things I can say about this unit is the part is on point. Really. For a synthetic wig, it does look pretty realistic, I've had full human hair lace wigs that didn't have a part this natural. Also the color, I am really feeling the new line of Freetress wigs and their ombre and dark root effects. The part on these come extremely pale, but just use a little of your makeup powder in the part and you're good.

This hair is ridiculously fucking thin. So thin in fact, I would never wear this out in public. The pictures you see are with all the hair swept up to the front, but in the back I might as well be a bald eagle or something. This is especially bad if you have naturally dark hair and trying to wear a unit as light as this one, it will shine right through..

THIS THING SHEDS. I have never had a unit shed this much...well with the exception of the last Freetress unit I purchased.

Bottom line:
I refuse to buy anymore Freetress Units. They shed insanely, tangle easily, and they never have enough hair. I'm sorry, I don't care how cute the style is, if you can't get the basics right then it's never going to be a good unit. Meanwhile if you are looking for something cute and affordable, I cannot recommend Vanessa's Las Mogan enough.

Purchased from haircloset.com
Color: OP 27/30/612
Price: Around $35

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  1. excuse my french but *pause* youre pretty as f*ck ! omgoshhhhh i love your youtube channel and im obsess over your look . that hair looks sickening on you hunty <3

    Weirdo xoxo


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