"Callie" from My Wigs and Weaves Review

My Opinion:

Okay, so I'll be honest. I totally wasn't feeling this unit when I first got it. It came in the mail, I threw it on and then...nothing. I tried it again a week later. Same thing.  I finally just resigned myself to the fact that this was NOT a unit for me. So I sat down last Saturday to do the review, fully prepared to let ya'll know how I REALLY felt. I did my usual face, set up my camera and finally put the unit on. And something happened. I don't know what happened but my opinion totally changed.

I loved it. The tight curls, the beautiful honey blonde, the endless amount of style options...I just loved it. This is a synthetic lace wig with a beautiful cap construction and truly lovely and realistic baby hairs. Time will tell how it holds up, but if I can keep it going for at least 4 months I'll be happy.  See my video review for more info.


Hair Color –27, Roots Color 1b ( As Pictured )
Hair Length 10-22”Cap Style – Synthetic Lace Front WigsParting Space – 5”Lace Color - ClearWig Texture – Synthetic Silky
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