I.R.E.A.M. Instagram rules everything around me, and it truly does. When I saw swatches of these babies going around I knew I had to jump into the game. Would they be creamy? Are they gonna dry out? Is Ghoulish going to make me look like an extra from The Walking Dead?

These little babies average around $12 each and shipping was relatively fast. I received both of my orders (5 in each, I deluded myself into thinking I wasn't going to buy more) came in about 4 days. In my initial order I purchased Ghoulish, Latte Confession, Nymphadora, Lovegood, and Ravenclaw. 24 hours after that I purchased 5 more (look out for part 2 for more on those).

Nymphadora Lip Couture
I will say I played it pretty safe the first time around and got mostly nude tones as that is what I tend to gravitate towards on an everyday basis. But the real showstopper I. HAD. TO. GET. was Ghoulish. That's the color Instagram was going truly ham over, and my expectations were high when I bought her.

Eh. Ghoulish is honestly my least favorite out of the bunch. Perhaps my lips are too pigmented and I needed to conceal them first. Maybe it's too close to my skintone? All in all if I had to regret one it would be Ghoulish. The one that was really everything and more was

I mean homegirl is serious. She is giving you Evil Queen and My So Called Life all at the same damn time. My favorite. Another honorable mention would be

Latte Confession 
Latte Confession is honestly the most wearable out of the 5. She isn't screaming at anybody, she isn't too much to handle. I can rock her with just mascara if need be. Love. Her. Check out the video above for Nymphadora and Lovegood swatches!

All in all the consistency on things are good, but not great. They WILL dry out your lips if you put on too much but I was able to get all day wear with them with a good liner. Ravenclaw, which is the only mousse of the bunch, stayed on even longer and have a thicker texture. It was definitely the most enjoyable and more pigmented lipstick of all. And the compliments STAYED coming my way when I wore her.

I recommend: Ravenclaw, Latte Confession, Nymphadora.

Have ya'll tried out these LA Splash Cosmetics Lip Couture lipsticks yet? What about the Smitten Liptint Mousse?


  1. I am so loving Nymphadora on you! Gorg!!!

  2. love them ..i love ghoulish too.Had my eyes on raven's claw but i just got a dupe for half the price.

  3. love them ..i love ghoulish too.Had my eyes on raven's claw but i just got a dupe for half the price.

  4. love ghoulish..Had my eyes on raven's claw but i found a dupe for half the price..

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